Pay What You Can

Everything You Need to Know

What is it?

  • Pay What You Can is a flexible pricing structure that allows Loch Ness Knitting site subscribers to choose from a range of discount codes to suit their circumstances. 

  • This is a long term pricing policy, not a sale, and will remain in place for as long as it works.

  • To become a subscriber simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

What is included?

  • All individually listed sustainable hand dyed yarn and original patterns are included.  Books and Kits are not included as they have direct costs that have no flexibility and are beyond my control.  

  • Discounts can be negotiated on courses in exchange for volunteer assistance.  Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss this

Why have I decided to do this?

  • Sustainability is behind everything I do at Loch Ness Knitting.  Unfortunately sustainable business choices tend to lead to more expensive products and that price point becomes a sticking point for people who want to be sustainable but don't feel able to do so.  If sustainability is to become the leader and not the follower of our choices then it needs to be available to as many people as possible, which means making some bold decisions in the way I run my business.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led to massive job losses and more people than ever are now experiencing financial hardship.  I know from personal experience that this is a stressful experience, and that knitting, crochet and crafting is a vital part of being able to cope with such experiences. It's important to me that the sustainable values we share are not compromised during this time.  

  • BREXIT is having a severe negative impact on my business.  It has created multiple costly and time consuming barriers.  I find myself spending more and more time on this, from answering emails to setting up discount codes.  Giving choices back to customers will free up some admin time and allow me to stay focused on the more important parts of the business.

Why do I have to subscribe?

  • Each of the sustainable hand dyed yarns I sell takes hours of collecting, processing, dyeing, waste disposal, pattern design, marketing, admin, shipping, planning time.  I regularly share the details of this work via my behind the scenes subscriber updates.

  • So the best way for you to choose your Pay What You Can price is to weigh up all the information in those updates about how the yarn is made and the price point that works for you.

Can I do more?

  • You do not have to use a discount code at all!  The set price is a fair reflection of the work that has gone into creating your sustainable naturally hand dyed yarn.  By choosing to pay full price you'll help to keep my business going and put money in the overall pot that will help others experiencing financial hardship.

  • If you don't need yarn at the moment and just want to support my business.  You could contribute to my GoFundMe Campaign.  This has been set up to raise funds towards my long term goal of taking my yarn process completely off grid.

  • You can also help by sharing photos, reviewing and tagging me across your social media.  

Final Thoughts

When deciding which discount code, or not is right for you please try to focus on the work that has gone into the yarn and the price that you consider is fair.  Try to avoid getting caught up in thoughts about what other people might be paying and why.