This undyed yarn is your opportunity to purchase a special skein of this locally sourced product and add your own dye mix.


Why not try creating your own sustainable natural dye with the help of one of my books? My Colourful Kitchen and My Colourful Garden, or follow my online course lessons.


These skeins are expertly spun up by the Border Mill to a DK weight and give 170m per 100g.  


These skeins would be perfect for hats, acessories, blankets and will give great definition on cable projects.


Here are more details of the time and work that has gone into creating this yarn.


  • 100% British wool sourced from within 12 miles of the Loch Ness Knitting base in Drumnadrochit.
  • Shetland/Cheviot refers to the cross breed of sheep not a blend of fibres. 
  • This yarn is straight off the sheep 100% pure with nothing added.
  • Raw fleece hand picked clean and prepared for spinning by me.
  • Fleece transported to and expertly spun up by The Border Mill.
  • This yarn hasn't left Scotland yet!
  • Labelling, listing and photographing for online sales
  • Point of sale
  • Shipping, wrapping, labelling, taking to Post Office or courier
  • Regular stock checking
  • Email communications and behind the scenes updates
  • Other business development activities, ie locally sourced Loch Ness Yarn, pattern designing and course teaching.


If you would like to make an open contribution to my work please consider donating to my Go Fund Me Sustainable Off Grid project to set up solar and water systems for my business.




Undyed DK Shetland/Cheviot Loch Ness Yarn


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